Happy Saturday! For those of you that still haven’t decided on an outfit for brunch with the girlfriends tomorrow (because that’s what Sundays are for, right?), here’s an outfit for you! I have decided to pair a black off-the-shoulder top specifically with some straight-legged frayed hem jeans, wedges, and a clutch for the a few reasons… Being a fairly clumsy person myself, I often find myself staining light-coloured shirts with food, tea, coffee… you name it – to prevent that from happening, I have decided to go with a black shirt because chances are I’ll be spending an extended period of time at a restaurant! For the same reason, I chose straight-legged jeans over skinny jeans for this look because they are more comfortable, allowing for more flexibility and “more room for the legs to breathe”. Lastly, I finished off the look with some 3-inch wedges and a clutch because Sunday brunch is one of the rare locations I get to dress up and not have to worry about the “functionality” of my accessories – I’m often on-the-go and wedges and clutch aren’t usually the most practical options!

Deets to this brunch-appropriate look that will “woah” your girlfriends: black off-the-shoulder shirt from h&m (p.s. I also have this top in white, they were some $7 cheap finds!), mid-rise straight-legged medium-washed frayed hem jeans from J. Crew, and bracelet with red, silver, and white charms from Pandora. Wedges were bought in grade 9 (forgot where they’re from) and clutch is from Karl Lagerfeld (purchased in London) – head designer and creative director of Chanel and Fendi who also has his own brand, he is one of my all-time favourite fashion icons and designers. Hope you find the tips helpful, drink lots of mimosas and eat lots of eggs benny tomorrow!


Sundays are for the family – here’s a quick post on what I wore to brunch, quick Costco run and grocery shopping with the rents. If you haven’t noticed yet, I LOVE wearing small shoulder purses (the smaller the better!) as opposed to totes or handbags for several reasons: A) They allow me to be hands-free – perfect for running errands and for people who are always on-the-go like me, allowing an extra hand for a coffee, sandwich, or cold-pressed juice! B) They compliment my small frame, and C) They are versatile – they can be worn cross-body for a more casual look, or on the shoulder for a more sophisticated look. Here I’m wearing mom’s vintage purse (from Nina Ricci) again, it’s the biggest shoulder purse amongst my collection and stores the most items!

Deets of this “funday” look: cropped high-neck top from Seven Sisters purchased at Mendocino, high-waisted floral shorts from Zara (purchased in grade 7 – that’s 8 years ago!), earrings and bracelet from Emphasis Jewellery and Pandora, and sandals from Davids. I’m also looking to invest in a navy shoulder purse, preferably mini-, micro- or nano-sized, let me know if you have any suggestions!

Happy August! I refuse to believe that school starts in a month, meaning that summer is almost over… Is it just me, or did the past three months go by way to quickly? Lately, I have been eating pretty badly and slacking off quite a bit, so it’s about time to hit the gym and get back on track with my regular workout routine again. That being said, here’s a quick post on another athleisure look – this outfit is perfect for those days when you’re in a rush or just aren’t in the mood to dress up: whether it’s going to the gym, walking the dog, making a trip to the grocery store, or running errands in general. You can read more about athleisure on my other post earlier here!

Deets of this effortless and basic here-and-there look: Zara wide strap top (yep, I wear this at least 3 time a week and own them in 2 other colours), medium rise cropped leggings from Lululemon (very breathable and comfy – feels almost like a second skin!), classic black and white sneakers from Nike, Le Pliage Large Shoulder Tote in the colour Navy, and shades from Ray-Ban (the only pair of sunglasses I own!). As mentioned before, this outfit is my go-to especially on bad days when I feel like I’m about to undergo “wardrobe malfunction” because everything in my wardrobe looks bad, or when I experience one of those “I have nothing to wear” moments. Hope this outfit gave you some inspiration and trust me, you aren’t the only one who stresses about what to wear everyday and complain about having nothing to wear in front of a closet full of clothes that probably deserves a charity shop clear-out!

Unlike the NBA games where celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid (or even the general public) get all dolled up to cheer for their favourite teams, us Torontonian tend to be more casual and sports-oriented when it comes to dressing up for game days. That being said, we are rather athletic and practical! As loyal and proud fans of our favourite Canadian teams, we always try to incorporate some team gear in our outfits – 99/100 of the people you meet at a Blue Jays or Maple Leafs game are dressed in blue, and/or wearing at least one item from the wide selection of team merchandise to show our support for our talented athletes!

As pictured, my choice of team gear was the classic blue baseball hat – one of the post popular items worn by both ladies and gentlemen, because it is super versatile and can be easily incorporated into a variety of outfits. Deets of this loyal and sporty look for game days: hat from the Jays store, Wilfred heather blue top from Aritzia, low-rise ankle-length frayed hem skinny jeans from Zara, Stan Smith sneakers in the color Navy from Adidas, and bracelet from Links of London. While the Blue Jays haven’t been doing too well lately, us Torontonians will always cheer for them with all of our hearts! I highly recommend going to a baseball game, it’s a great way to relax (an excuse to de-stress and escape from everything for 3 hours), an opportunity scream at the top of your lungs without getting in trouble, drink some beer, and a chance catch up with some friends while showing your inner spirits and enthusiasm by cheering for you favourite (or a random) team!

This post marks a mini milestone for Beatrice, with love – it’s the 10th post since this blog launched about a month ago! To celebrate, I’d like to share one of my all-time favourite colour combos: the classic black and white that could never go wrong. Having grown up in an Asian city that is hot and humid all year round, I am forever a tropical girl at heart and will never get used to the short and cool summers in Toronto. Hence, I make sure to cycle through every single pair of shorts in my summer wardrobe before it’s too late to do so!

Deets of this B&W elegant yet casual look featuring my favourite pair of shorts amongst my summer bottoms collection: pom pom shorts from Topshop, chiffon pintucked halter top from Sunday in Brooklyn purchased at Anthropologie, sandals from David’s, earrings from Kate Spade, and bracelet from Swarovski. For those of you that live outside of California or Australia, enjoy summer while it lasts!

PSA: lack of energy and in dire need of some #mondaymotivation, so here’s a quick post on this look that consists of items from my mom’s closet! Black Bermuda shorts and wide strap top from Zara, bangle from Pandora, earrings from Emphasis Jewellery (purchased in my birth place: Hong Kong), mom’s vintage purse from Nina Ricci, and top from Blue Tassel purchased at Anthropologie. Fun fact: my mom and I have very similar body types and share the exact same sizes in shoes and tops!

Happy Fourth of July to our southern neighbour on the other side the border! Here’s an athleisure outfit for all you Americans in case you need to help build a wall or run away from Trump, haha! “Athleisure” is a rising fashion trend where sportswear is worn in non-athletic settings such as school, work place, or other casual occasions in general, due to its functionality and the convenience it brings.

Many of you may have already adopted the athleisure trend without even realizing it being a major movement in the fashion industry – the trend in fact grew out of the increasing amount of women who wear yoga pants and athletic shoes on a regular basis. Now, all you yoga pants and sneakers wearer may proudly call yourself trendsetters! On that note, many leading sportswear makers have been placing a broader emphasis on fashion (as opposed to the conventional, professional sportswear orientation) by shifting their focus towards colours, fabrics, styles, and silhouettes to better accommodate consumers’ needs associated with the trend.

As a fitness-oriented individual who is always on the go, there has been an evident lifestyle shift as I adopt the trend and as the trend grows. I no longer have to change or carry an extra gym outfit, as it is now socially acceptable to be wearing yoga pants in most social settings! Pieces pictured have gradually made their way out of the gym and became a large part of my everyday wardrobe: Reflective tights, sports bra (unfortunately sold out on the official website), and tank top (also sold out on the official website) all from Lululemon; sneakers from Nike – not sure what the exact model is but they are the lightest pair of sneakers I have ever owned and the material is very breathable, I bought them on sale in a random shoe store in Paris last year, best deal ever!

Yesterday marked the 150th anniversary of Canada. In the spirit of Canada Day, I tried to incorporate some red and white in my outfit just like every other proud Canadian! As an aspiring minimalist, my wardrobe mainly consists of blacks, greys, whites, and blues, with an occasional pop of colour such as red, fuchsia, lavender, baby pink, and olive green (if that even counts). While I certainly prefer wearing neutrals over loud patterns or vibrant colours, and often find it challenging to find garments to complement statement items, wearing monochromatic items is one effective way look  “put together” and still draw attention to the statement item. This essentially means dressing in all one hue – different shades of the colour work too. It is a colour-coordinating trick I have been using over and over again, and I cannot stress enough how many times it has saved me from wardrobe malfunctions!

Deets of this monochromatic look (Canada Day edition!): Wide strap top and high-waisted shorts with palm trees from Zara, nude slides from Capazio, daisy earrings and bracelet with red, silver, and white charms from Pandora, and toe nails in the colour Malaga Wine from OPI. In this case, I styled the statement red shorts by pairing them with accessories in the same colour, and topping it off with a white top and white earrings to complete that patriotic Canada Day look. Look out for more monochromatic looks on my blog!

I call this look “the hot SOHO mom who just dropped her kids off at pre-school” (which reminds me of Tammy Hembrow btw), and Charles Gross would hundo-p back me up on this one! This Cali-inspired, classic white button-down + denim combo is worn by many celebrities, models, and It girls such as Miranda Kerr, Kendall Jenner, Alexa Chung, the Olsen sisters, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Victoria Beckham, Karlie Kloss, Jaime King… and the list goes on. Similar to many other looks I’ve posted, this outfit can also be easily dressed up or down by just a change of shoes or purse. If you’re ever in need of white button-down outfit inspo, simply do a google image search of celebs in white button-down’s for more pairing ideas!

Deets of this laid-back yet chic look: white button-down from Zara, high-rise light-washed denim shorts from Hollister, necklace from Follie Follie, and aviator sunglasses from Ray-Ban. I personally adore the versatility of this outfit and can confirm that it is practical and suitable for many different occasions. This picture was in fact taken before I left the house for training at a camp (I opted for a more casual purse and sneakers – the Le Pliage Large Shoulder Tote in the colour Navy from Long Champ and Stan Smith‘s in Navy) and ran some errands afterwards. If you can’t already tell from my other outfits, versatility is something I really try to put an effort into because it goes hand-in-hand with budgeting, but also because I hate being overdressed or underdressed for the wrong occasions.

Side note: If you’re extra-petite like me, Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch make great bottoms that actually fit right. I find that their sizing tends to be a tad smaller-than-average, which caters to middle school/ high school students, teenagers in general and smaller people like myself!

Happy Monday! Here’s a model-off-duty look especially recommended to counter dem #Mondayblues. “Look good, feel good, do good” is one of the many mottos that gets me through those inevitably stressful and depressing days, such as exam season, nights before deadlines, or Mondays in general. That being said, comfort should never be sacrificed because it directly correlates to one’s productivity and efficiency. There are many different ways or tricks to looking polished while staying comfortable, and wearing head-to-toe lightweight garments is one of them.

Deets of this cool, simple and comfy look: Wilfred Free denim top and Talula joggers from Aritzia. #protip: Aritzia sales don’t come often, so when they do (the seasonal sale in fact started a few days ago), drop everything and go ham! I highly recommend stocking up on quality, pure cotton denim garments such as skinny jeans, denim jackets, and denim shirts. They are versatile, practical, and low-maintenance wardrobe staples that will always be in trend, and can hold up to a good amount of wear and tear. Almost forgot to mention those ‘trendy’ slides, a basic Canadian betch must-have: Arizona style Birks that essentially scream ‘I’m Canadian as fuq’! And for all you frequent shoppers behind the screen that are wondering, yes, this was indeed taken at the Zara fitting room – speaking of Zara, they’re having a major seasonal sale too!

Lately I’ve been trying to find the perfect pair of damaged, loose-fitting jeans for that laid-back and slightly masculine look. The thing about boyfriend or mom jeans is that they are usually high- or mid-rise, which makes it difficult for ladies with extra-petite waists (or those who are slightly curvier than average) to find a pair that actually fits on the waist AND on the hips. Just when I was about to give up on my year-long hunt for the perfect pair of loose-fitting jeans, I dug up the pile of denim sitting in my closet, took a pair of scissors, and started to rip up a pair of Zara girlfriend jeans I bought way back in grade 10. You can never go wrong with DIY jeans, right…?

To my surprise, the result turned out to be pretty impressive – those jeans became a good alternative to what I was initially looking for. While boyfriend jeans are more boxy, baggy, and tend to be one-dimensional, girlfriend jeans are rather clean-cut and more snug on the bum with tapered, slim, straight legs. Paired with a basic wide strap top from Zara, this look keeps it comfortable and appropriate for any casual settings. It has been my go-to outfit for those dreadful, bright and early 8:30 classes!


‘Friyay’ calls for night-outs and fancy dates! Always love a versatile outfit that can be transitioned from day to night – featuring feminine pieces that can be easily dressed up or down! Believe it or not, switching ONE item is all it takes: replacing the sandals with heels, or simply getting rid of the base layer for a luscious yet subtle look by showing some skin (scandalous!). Pieces pictured were bought 6 years ago when I was in grade 10, because some pieces just never go out of style! Crochet top and low-rise light-washed jeggings from Zara, bracelet form Tiffany & Co. and sandals from Davids – the brand name rubbed off from years of wear and I can’t recall which designer made them…

Happy #tbt! Here is a little throwback to last summer at the cottage when my skin was darker and hair was longer. While yellow can sometimes be a difficult colour to pull off especially for those whose skin has a yellow undertone like myself (as opposed to pink), this bathing suit with minimal embroidery and beaded embellishments from American Eagle surprisingly worked pretty well. And contrary to popular belief, bikini style bottoms (offering more coverage) are just as flattering as cheeky bottoms! On another note, wireless triangle bikinis are my all time favourites because they are comfortable, and give off those natural, effortless, low-key boho vibes.

P.s. The striped, delicious looking, turquoise-coloured phone case is from Kate Spade. Not being sponsored, but Kate Spade makes some adorable and affordable phone cases that actually protects your phone, coming from someone who drops her phone on a daily basis!

An effortless, comfy, yet chic outfit that combines some of the most popular and wearable summer trends without showing too much skin – perfect for those warm Torontonian/ Canadian summer days and nights (excuse those hickie-like, 3-week-old nasty bug bites from camp): Wilfred Free knitted sweater top from Aritzia, mid-rise straight-legged medium-washed frayed hem jeans from J. Crew, delicate circle body chain from Urban Outfitters, double buckle Western belt from Topshop, and bracelet from Links of London. Selfie inspired by @lornaluxe!