Lately I’ve been trying to find the perfect pair of damaged, loose-fitting jeans for that laid-back and slightly masculine look. The thing about boyfriend or mom jeans is that they are usually high- or mid-rise, which makes it difficult for ladies with extra-petite waists (or those who are slightly curvier than average) to find a pair that actually fits on the waist AND on the hips. Just when I was about to give up on my year-long hunt for the perfect pair of loose-fitting jeans, I dug up the pile of denim sitting in my closet, took a pair of scissors, and started to rip up a pair of Zara girlfriend jeans I bought way back in grade 10. You can never go wrong with DIY jeans, right…?

To my surprise, the result turned out to be pretty impressive – those jeans became a good alternative to what I was initially looking for. While boyfriend jeans are more boxy, baggy, and tend to be one-dimensional, girlfriend jeans are rather clean-cut and more snug on the bum with tapered, slim, straight legs. Paired with a basic wide strap top from Zara, this look keeps it comfortable and appropriate for any casual settings. It has been my go-to outfit for those dreadful, bright and early 8:30 classes!


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