Happy Monday! Here’s a model-off-duty look especially recommended to counter dem #Mondayblues. “Look good, feel good, do good” is one of the many mottos that gets me through those inevitably stressful and depressing days, such as exam season, nights before deadlines, or Mondays in general. That being said, comfort should never be sacrificed because it directly correlates to one’s productivity and efficiency. There are many different ways or tricks to looking polished while staying comfortable, and wearing head-to-toe lightweight garments is one of them.

Deets of this cool, simple and comfy look: Wilfred Free denim top and Talula joggers from Aritzia. #protip: Aritzia sales don’t come often, so when they do (the seasonal sale in fact started a few days ago), drop everything and go ham! I highly recommend stocking up on quality, pure cotton denim garments such as skinny jeans, denim jackets, and denim shirts. They are versatile, practical, and low-maintenance wardrobe staples that will always be in trend, and can hold up to a good amount of wear and tear. Almost forgot to mention those ‘trendy’ slides, a basic Canadian betch must-have: Arizona style Birks that essentially scream ‘I’m Canadian as fuq’! And for all you frequent shoppers behind the screen that are wondering, yes, this was indeed taken at the Zara fitting room – speaking of Zara, they’re having a major seasonal sale too!

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