Besides being occupied with school work and super busy with extra-curricular during my second last semester in university, I’ve been going to the gym a lot lately and thought I would share with you guys one of my favourite gym outfits. As someone who lives her life in grey scale, my gym wardrobe is of course not an exception. While I have tried to maybe include a pop of colour or two in my gym wardrobe, I always ended up with the black, grey, or white option simply because these colours go with everything (Exhibit A – see picture above).

These Lululemon leggings pictured have been my recent fav for a few good reasons: a) they are grey (my favourite colour, duh), b) its pattern adds to the outfit in a subtle way without stealing too much attention, c) they are SO comfortable that I don’t feel like I’m actually wearing anything in them (can confirm the ~naked sensation~ stated by Lulumon product detail), d) the fabric is so smooth that I can’t stop touching and feeling my legs when I wear them, and e) I got them ON SALE!

Here are the details to this outfit so you don’t miss out on the sale – highly recommend you get the leggings before they’re gone! Deets of this tight all-over outfit that I don’t mind sleeping in: 7/8 leggings from Lululemon, sports bra from Lululemon (also SUPER comfortable that it makes me feel like I’m not wearing a bra), tank top also from Lululemon, classic black and white sneakers from Nike, and baseball cap from my school (Queen’s University, woot woot). In conclusion: yes, my entire gym wardrobe is from Lululemon and no, I’m not sponsored. (I wish… Lululemon please sponsor me, help me with my addiction and send me free products!)

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