Here’s a little throwback to the vibrant summer I had as I dread going to bed and waking up in this cold traditional weather. Outfit pictured is one of my favourite outfits from the summer – being a tropical girl at heart, I refuse to believe that these items are going to hibernate in my closet until summer comes around again in 6 months! While I certainly can still wear those jeans in the winter, I find that I tend to ditch loose-fitting pants and opt for skin-tight pants in the brutally cold Canadian weather due to their better wind-shielding abilities.

Deets of this easy breezy-beautiful-summer-girl look: tank top from Aritizia (click here to check out the scandalous detail on the back on this tank top!), mid-rise straight-legged medium-washed frayed hem jeans from J. Crew, and purse from Karl Lagerfeld. Are you more of a warm or cold weather person? Do you have a separate summer and winter wardrobe? I certainly do – my summer wardrobe mainly consists of tank tops and all kinds of breezy bottoms, while my winter wardrobe is flooded with chunky sweaters and skinny jeans of various denim shades. Stay tuned for fall and winter styles as the Canadian weather quickly approaches the negative degrees!

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