Besides being occupied with school work and super busy with extra-curricular during my second last semester in university, I’ve been going to the gym a lot lately and thought I would share with you guys one of my favourite gym outfits. As someone who lives her life in grey scale, my gym wardrobe is of course not an exception. While I have tried to maybe include a pop of colour or two in my gym wardrobe, I always ended up with the black, grey, or white option simply because these colours go with everything (Exhibit A – see picture above).

These Lululemon leggings pictured have been my recent fav for a few good reasons: a) they are grey (my favourite colour, duh), b) its pattern adds to the outfit in a subtle way without stealing too much attention, c) they are SO comfortable that I don’t feel like I’m actually wearing anything in them (can confirm the ~naked sensation~ stated by Lulumon product detail), d) the fabric is so smooth that I can’t stop touching and feeling my legs when I wear them, and e) I got them ON SALE!

Here are the details to this outfit so you don’t miss out on the sale – highly recommend you get the leggings before they’re gone! Deets of this tight all-over outfit that I don’t mind sleeping in: 7/8 leggings from Lululemon, sports bra from Lululemon (also SUPER comfortable that it makes me feel like I’m not wearing a bra), tank top also from Lululemon, classic black and white sneakers from Nike, and baseball cap from my school (Queen’s University, woot woot). In conclusion: yes, my entire gym wardrobe is from Lululemon and no, I’m not sponsored. (I wish… Lululemon please sponsor me, help me with my addiction and send me free products!)

Happy August! I refuse to believe that school starts in a month, meaning that summer is almost over… Is it just me, or did the past three months go by way to quickly? Lately, I have been eating pretty badly and slacking off quite a bit, so it’s about time to hit the gym and get back on track with my regular workout routine again. That being said, here’s a quick post on another athleisure look – this outfit is perfect for those days when you’re in a rush or just aren’t in the mood to dress up: whether it’s going to the gym, walking the dog, making a trip to the grocery store, or running errands in general. You can read more about athleisure on my other post earlier here!

Deets of this effortless and basic here-and-there look: Zara wide strap top (yep, I wear this at least 3 time a week and own them in 2 other colours), medium rise cropped leggings from Lululemon (very breathable and comfy – feels almost like a second skin!), classic black and white sneakers from Nike, Le Pliage Large Shoulder Tote in the colour Navy, and shades from Ray-Ban (the only pair of sunglasses I own!). As mentioned before, this outfit is my go-to especially on bad days when I feel like I’m about to undergo “wardrobe malfunction” because everything in my wardrobe looks bad, or when I experience one of those “I have nothing to wear” moments. Hope this outfit gave you some inspiration and trust me, you aren’t the only one who stresses about what to wear everyday and complain about having nothing to wear in front of a closet full of clothes that probably deserves a charity shop clear-out!

Happy Fourth of July to our southern neighbour on the other side the border! Here’s an athleisure outfit for all you Americans in case you need to help build a wall or run away from Trump, haha! “Athleisure” is a rising fashion trend where sportswear is worn in non-athletic settings such as school, work place, or other casual occasions in general, due to its functionality and the convenience it brings.

Many of you may have already adopted the athleisure trend without even realizing it being a major movement in the fashion industry – the trend in fact grew out of the increasing amount of women who wear yoga pants and athletic shoes on a regular basis. Now, all you yoga pants and sneakers wearer may proudly call yourself trendsetters! On that note, many leading sportswear makers have been placing a broader emphasis on fashion (as opposed to the conventional, professional sportswear orientation) by shifting their focus towards colours, fabrics, styles, and silhouettes to better accommodate consumers’ needs associated with the trend.

As a fitness-oriented individual who is always on the go, there has been an evident lifestyle shift as I adopt the trend and as the trend grows. I no longer have to change or carry an extra gym outfit, as it is now socially acceptable to be wearing yoga pants in most social settings! Pieces pictured have gradually made their way out of the gym and became a large part of my everyday wardrobe: Reflective tights, sports bra (unfortunately sold out on the official website), and tank top (also sold out on the official website) all from Lululemon; sneakers from Nike – not sure what the exact model is but they are the lightest pair of sneakers I have ever owned and the material is very breathable, I bought them on sale in a random shoe store in Paris last year, best deal ever!